Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HOLA!!!! Wow, halloween has come and gone!! Crazy!! Halloween was actually pretty low key, I´m not gonna lie. We had some service work for that family that we baptized my first week here and then we went to some appointments that we had and then we went home. Pretty much your average day.

We did change times here too, so we are on Eastern Standard Time now.

I´m glad that most of the family could be together for Halloween in Idaho.

Everything here is going great!! No baptisms for us this week because our investigator Gina smoked a cigaro so she couldn´t get baptized. It was okay though because when we told her she couldn´t get baptized because she smoked she said that thats ok, I can do it. So this week she said she wont smoke a single one. She can do it! There are 4 Missionaries in our ward. Elder Evans and I, then Elder Saenz(Mexicano) and Elder Jiminez( Chile). They had a baptism, so that was awesome. Great experience overall!!
The church members here are really amazing!!! Elder Evans and I got to know some of them here pretty well this week. They are really awesome and want to help us out in any way possible. Thats what the Missionarnies need. People like y'all who are willing to help them with lessons because with another church member present, the Spirit is so strong its amazing!
Ok, I fell off the top bunk!!!! I´m ok...I was going to talk to Elder Evans, who was on the bottom bunk, and because of my smooth silk sheets, I slid right off!!HAHAHA. I´m ok though. I think I´m putting on some weight here. Its the truth. I think I´m getting fat, but I´m loving every minute of it! Candy and Soda and Pastries uhh. I´m coming back fat and it is going to be great.hahaha.
Wow, the Gospel is amazing. Is it not? It truly changes lives. I know that because it has changed my life. We are so blessed to have this gospel within our family and in our lives. The Atonement of Christ is such an amazing thing, too. It is for everyone. Wow! I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father and he loves each and every one of us and he has a plan for all of us. We might not know what that plan is sometimes but we just need to have Faith. Faith truly does move mountains! Maybe not mountains like the Andes( not right now) but those mountains can be figurative mountains that are in our lives. I know it does because Faith has helped me over Andes-size mountains in my life. This church and the Gospel of Christ are true. I know it with all my heart. I love yall and thank everyone who has written to me. I love yall!!!!

Elder AC

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