Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey Everybody - I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and a happy 2010! Wow, its hard to believe that time goes by as fast as it does!

I am currently serving in area of Santiago named 'Los Toros'(the Bulls). Its a more affluent section of the city, and the people tend to be a little more cold and harder to teach, which makes the work challenging. This is a view of the Andes Mountains from the front door of our apartment.

This past week my companion, Elder Rasmussan, and I had a few stomach problems! Its the middle of the summer here and all the fresh veggies are in season, especially corn and beans. We've been eating just like the Chileans and have over-indulged! Thank goodness for indoor plumbing! Speaking of stomachs, this delicious dish is tripe(cow stomach)! Tastes just like chicken?!?

My Spanish is really coming along and I am doing a lot better when I am talking one-on-one with people. Prayer works! I can really understand just about everything people say to me now, even with their Chilean accents! This is a picture of my companion and me...

We began teaching a guy named Edmundo last week. He has cancer and is about 60 something, pushing 70, and has the potential to be a good investigator. We have an appointment with Him in a little bit. Hopefully it works out.

Thank you for all of yall's prayers. I can feel them work in my life every day.Prayer is amazing and you know what else is? The Gospel!!!! Its amazing and true. I have seen it change peoples lives! Jesus Christ gives us hope in this crazy world of ours and He truly brings peace to peoples' lives!!

Take care everyone and I'll do my best to keep you all updated. Thanks for your friendship and for staying in touch!

Elder AC