Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hola Everyone! - Alright, this week was something else. My companion Elder Evans and I didn`t have alot of time in our sector this week because we had meetings every day. It was quite a crazy week. We got to see our investigators that we needed to but it was just crazy. The one day that we thought we would have some what of a normal day, we got a call the night before telling us that we would be moving the next day. So that day turned into a day of chaos.
Sunday ended up way good. We had two baptisms! The lady that was smoking, Gina, got baptized, and a kid by the name of Sebastian(11) got baptized. It was a crazy but amazing Sunday! Everything that could go wrong did but it all ended up working out in the end. Satan works the hardest at us on the days of baptisms. He ain`t got nothin on us!!!!! I got to speak at the batismal service of Sebastian. Its crazy because now I`ll start thinkg about stuff and I find myself thinking in Spanish. Haha never thought that would ever happen. The Spanish is coming along though. You just have to keep using it and listening to people. But back to the baptisms. Gina is the grandmother of a girl that got baptized 4 months ago and had been listening to the Missionaries but was just really stubborn. The first time I went over to her house I could tell that she was a stubborn lady and then she changed. It was so amazing! She stopped smoking! She prayed with real intent and Faith! She let the changes happen! If people would just listen to us they would see that we are here to help them, not to change them for the worst. I think that has been the hardest thing so far. They think that we are there to destroy their lives or something.
Its alright! You just have to keep going. The work is amazing.
So it sounds like everybody is on the mends with the colds and the flu. Answering some questions;
For Thanksgiving, it will just be another day in the good ol Sector of El Valle i think. Nothing Special unfortunately.:( The weather here is weird! It will be 94 out one day and then 76 the next. Pretty much like Florida and feels like home. Its growing on me. Oh we moved out of our pension(apartment) because it was basically the worst pension in the whole mission:) I liked it though. I was sad to leave but its nice being in a good pension now.
The work is tough. You have your tough days and your good days. You just have to try and make those tough days good.
The Gospel is true and it does change lives. I`ve seen it in the Mission and also in my life. Its amazing. We have this wonderful gift of the Gospel in our lives. We are So blessed. We really are. I`ve been reading in Mosiah and I`ve learned from Abinadi that with Faith, we can do anything. Thrash nations, bring people to the waters of baptism, climb those Andes Mountsins in our lives, anything. We just have to have faith and pray. Pray and have FAITH, READ THE SCRIPTURES, KEEP OUR COVENANTS. Those things. It is all here for us. We are blessed so much. I love you all so much!!! The church is true. Never forget that. I love yall!! Can`t wait to hear from yall next week.I will be praying for all of you. Yall are always in my prayers. I love yall!!

Elder AC

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