Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hola from the good ol Chile!! Atleast what’s left of Chile. Where should I start? Well, the night of the good ol Earthquake it was about 3:40 in the morning and I was just laying in bed asleep and then woke up because my bed was starting to shake. Well, it didn't stop. Kept on shaking and it started getting harder and harder so I sat up in my bed and was like, ''Noall, Noall!! What’s goin on man?!!!'' He woke up and was like, ''I don’t know!!'' and then we realized, ‘Hey its an earthquake!’. So we hopped out of our beds way quick and tried to get out of our room without falling down because the whole house was shaking at this point. We made it out of our rooms and stumbled towards the stairs. Made it down the stairs without fallin, luckily(Noall almost fell.haha) Got down the stairs and ran towards the door(We were hearing glass and stuff crack and break.) Finally found the keys and we made it outside. Once we got outside it was slowing down and it finally stopped after being outside for like 40 seconds. It scared me a little.(lol) We went back inside after that and checked out the damage. My books and stuff had fallen off the table and my toothbrush and stuff fell off the counter. Elder Noall's tie collection fell off the tables. The thing above the toilet fell off and shattered all in our bathroom. We had a window crack and another one is shaking loose because all of the caulking fell out around the window. Our lights got cut off but they came back on in the morning. During the night we were feeling aftershocks and we've been feeling aftershocks up until last night. I guess there were three in the night but I didn't feel them. Other than that though, we are all ok. Our sector didn't get hit very hard but our community did. Our Community is called Puente Alto if y’all want to search it out. Some buildings fell down and smashed some cars and alot of the buildings are starting to crack around here but all those big buildings are more up towards Providencia which is in the Northern part of our Mission. All of the Missionaries are ok.

On a much happier note, the work is going good here. Patricio is the one that should be getting baptized but he needs an interview and we need to finish teaching him. He is working alot now so its hard to find him in the house but he went to church yesterday with his buddy Wladimir so thats always a good thing. We are also teaching this other girl right now, her name is Carolina(20). She is way ready and reads and prays all the time and is wanting to get baptized. Her Baptismal date is for the 21 of Marzo. If y’all could keep them in your prayers I'm sure they would be very grateful.

Alright, so about Elder AC. Um, I'm doin good. The Spanish has been hard for me these past couple of weeks. I don’t know why, but it feels like my understanding diminishes sometimes. I dont know if its because I'm not paying good enough attention or if its just because I'm needing to study the language more so I understand more of what they are saying but, this week I'm going to try and really study hard so I can get this Language down!!

The Gospel and the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ are the greatest gifts that we have in our lives. With those things we can be ready and confident in what’s going to happen. I am so thankful for you all in my life. I can always count on my family and friends. I love you all and hope this finds y’all doing great. This Gospel is true and it changes lives.Woop Woop!!!!!!! I love y’all!!!!!


  1. What a nice update. The earthquake had to be scary for you guys, we checked Andrew's blog the next day and saw the update from his Mission president's wife. He's doing a great job it's so nice to see his growth.

  2. Thanks, Beth! How are you all doing?

  3. hey Andrew's mom & dad:
    I'm Andrew's classmate at BYU.. I was wondering if I could get his mailing address??